Pat Metheny Trio 80/81

I believe I have also posted the 99/00 Trio somewhere, someday, in this blog. I'll repost it too, but, meanwhile, enjoy this great, great, album.

For the 80/81 vintage: RP 96, WS 93.

Michael Brecker (ts -1,3,5/7)
Dewey Redman (ts -2,3,5,6)
Pat Metheny (g, el-g)
Charlie Haden (b -1/7)
Jack DeJohnette (d -1/7)

(Praised be Michael Brecker, who left this world so young...)

Oslo, Norway, May 26-29, 1980
1.Two Folk Songs
3.The Bat
6.Pretty Scattered
7.Every Day (I Thank You)
8.Goin' Ahead

Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas with Friedrich Gulda

Discs 1 - 3. Sonatas #1 - #10.

Just get it.


Complete Beethoven Piano Sonatas with Friedrich Gulda

I will post the complete piano sonatas by Beethoven with Friedrich Gulda, but it's 9 albums. This is part 1/9 - Disc 4.

Why I started with disc 4? Knock it off grandpa. Just get the album.


Russel Malone - Black Butterfly

Is the blog back? YEAH!

I promise to fix all the broken links and to post tons of stuff more. Also, I am going to start posting some classic goodies as well. If you don't like classic, I also promise that you will start to love in a matter of weeks with us.

OK. Enough talking, let's listen. Russel Malone. This is album is triple hot. One hot because Russel is soooo cute. Oh god, NO. He's just an amazing guitarist that has played with Ray Brown, Lewis Nash, Bobby Hutcherson, Jimmy Smith and many others, and is cranking all up in this album. Second hot because Steve Nelson is on it, incredible as always. Third hot because the songs are fucking awesome: Jingles, Say a Little Prayer for You (!), All Through the Night, Dee's Song and others.

But hey, don't take my word for it. GET IT!

Russel Malone (Guitar)
Steve Nelson (Vibraphone)
Paul Keller (Bass)
Gary Motley (Piano)
Pete Siers (Drums)

Steven Berkowitz (Executive Producer), Tracey Freeman (Producer), Vladimir Meller (Mastering), Gregg Rubin (Engineer), Gregg Rubin (Mastering), Gregg Rubin (Mixing), Andy Smith (Assistant Engineer), Vic Anesini (Assistant Engineer), Vic Anesini (Mixing Assistant), Warren Weberg (Assistant Engineer), Warren Weberg (Mixing Assistant), Vanessa Evelyn (Grooming)

Special attention to Vanessa's haircut!