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Sunny Side of The Street - Herejazz.blogspot.com

For does who doesn't know Dave Holland, shame on you! For does who know Dave Holland, this is a must have. For does who know Dave Holland Quintet, this is a must have. For does who know Dave Holland Big Band, this is a must have. For does who, whatever! This is a must have.
Featuring an exceptional group of musicians, an incredible recording (thank you again James Farber) and solid compositions - not to keep listing more -, this 2005 album is a heavy-weight, K.O!
If you need to read more about it: Allaboutjazz.com

Antonio Hart - Alto and soprano saxophones, flute
Mark Gross - Alto saxophone
Chris Potter - Tenor saxophone
Gary Smulyan - Baritone Saxophone
Robin Eubanks - Trombone
Jonathan Arons - Troombone
Josh Roseman - Trombone (3!)
Taylor Haskins - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Alex “Sasha�? Sipiagin - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Duane Eubanks - Trumpet, flugelhorn
Steve Nelson - Vibes, marimba
Dave Holland - Double-bass
Billy Kilson - Drums


Bring It On
Free For All
A Time Remembered
Happy Jammy
Mental Images
Last Minute Man

Link: Dave Holland - Overtime

Bill Frisell - Is that you?

Recorded in 1989. Bill Frisell usually makes his albums with a certain all the same style tracks. This one, however, goes from hard-funky overdriven eat-this tracks to classical guitar solos and cool brasswinds (sometimes in the same track). Don't be scared by the first two songs, they are pretty heavy. The rest of the album is more, well, I was going to say calm but...
Listen the album, specially the first two tracks (plus Yuba city) LOUD; the engineer had probably expend a lot of hours working with the compression for you to listen like a mosquito.

Joey Baron Drums
Bill Frisell Banjo, Bass, Clarinet, Guitar, Ukulele
Dave Hofstra Bass, Tuba
Wayne Horvitz Bass, Keyboards, Producer, Drum Programming
Jay Follette Engineer
Jon Goldberger Assistant Engineer
Roger Moutenot Mixing
Robert Hurwitz Executive Producer

No Man's Land
Someone in My Backyard
Is That You?
The Way Home
Twenty Years
Chain of Fools
Hello Nellie
Days of Wine and Roses
Yuba City
Half a Million
Hope and Fear

Link: Is that you?


Milt Jackson - Bag's Bag

Pablo Records, 79.

Milt Jackson, vibes
Ray Brown, bass
Cedar Walton, piano

John Collins, guitar*
Vaughn Andre, guitar**
Billy Higgins, drums+
Frank Severino, drums++

1.Blues For Roberta+
3.How Are You+
4.Slow Boat to China
5.I Cover the Waterfront
6.The Rev+
7.Tour Angel+**
8.Blues For Tomi-Oka+


Miles Davis and Gil Evans - Quiet Nights

Dando continuidade ao Complete Columbia Studio Recordings Miles Davis and Gil Evans, aqui vai o quarto disco deles: Quiet Nights...


Set List:

1.Song No 2
2.Once upon a Summertime
3.Aos pés da cruz
4.Song No 1
5.Wait till you see her
7.Blue Xmas
8.Nothing like you
9.Devil may care
10.the time of the barracudas
11.Falling water k(take 4)
12.Falling water (take 6)
13.Falling water (take 8)
14.Falling water (take 9)
15.Springsville (take5)
16.The maids of cadiz (take11)
17.The maids if cadiz (take 11, insert1)
18.Lament (medley: take2)
19.The duke (take 1)
20.I don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) (53225 Issued Version)


Ella Fitzgerald - Cole Porter Song Book

There is no need to introduce Ella. Unmatchable.
Recorded and released in 1956 by Verve, this album is probably one of her best. It's a MUST HAVE. The orchestra is HOT, the recording is HOT, she is HOT and, let's not forget, this album is all about love. And what a HOT love!

Unbelievable! Allmusic did it; they managed to post a review that makes me wonder if they really want to stay in business. I honestly would want to see them shutdown after this.
Miraculously, according to Allmusic.com, not only Ella Fitzgerald sings but, also, Fred Asteire, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Benny Goodman (!), Peggy Lee, Cole Porter and others!
Allmusic: give us a break, ok?
I'll post the credits later.


1. All Through the Night
2. Anything Goes
3. Miss Otis Regrets
4. Too Darn Hot Porter
5. In the Still of the Night
6. I Get a Kick Out of You
7. Do I Love You?
8. Always True to You in My Fashion
9. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
10. Just One of Those Things
11. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye
12. All of You
13. Begin the Beguine
14. Get Out of Town
15. I Am in Love
16. From This Moment
17. I Love Paris
18. You Do Something to Me
19. Ridin' High
20. Easy to Love
21. It's All Right With Me
22. Why Can't You Behave?
23. What Is This Thing Called Love?
24. You're the Top
25. Love for Sale
26. It's De-Lovely
27. Night and Day
28. Ace in the Hole
29. So in Love
30. I've Got You Under My Skin Porter
31. I Concentrate on You Porter
32. Don't Fence Me In
33. You're the Top [#]
34. I Concentrate on You [alternate take/#]
35. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love) [alternate take/#]

Links: Disc 1
Disc 2

John Abercrombie

This one is different.
Guitar, drum, bass and violin. I usually tend to dislike jazz with violin (of course there's Stephane Grappelli with Django Reinhard) flute (exception: Eric Dolphy) or other crossovers, but, this time, Mark Feldman did it extremely well.
This is an album with rare beauty, it is involving, somehow cozy (Hm... cozy?) and, well, they do go real crazy some times, watch out with the volume.
Sunny Side of the Street proudly presents - while I try to find my Max Roach album (Hold on Frank!) - Cat 'N'Mouse


John Abercrombie Guitar
Joey Baron Drums
Mark Feldman Violin
Marc Johnson Double Bass
Manfred Eicher Producer


A Nice Idea
String Thing
Third Stream Samba
On the Loose
Stop and Go
Show of Hands

Link: Cat 'N' Mouse


LIft every voice - Andrew Hill

Andrew + Quintet + 9 voices. Fun, isn't it? You bet.
As usual, Andrew had problem finding listeners for this disc back when it reached the streets in 1969, so it had two releases, with different musicians and approach; In this edition we find a kind of compilation of these previous releases.
In a more funky style, featuring Lee Morgan, Ron Carter, Ben Riley and Woody Shaw, this uplifting album may seem easy, but it's rather complex and substantial. The voices are pretty aggressive and unique, the Tenor Sax is surprisingly wild and, well, I always tend to get lost with adjectives... so make up your own.


Ron Carter Bass
Richard Davis Bass
Carlos Garnett Sax (Tenor)
Andrew Hill Piano
Bennie Maupin Flute, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor)
Lee Morgan Trumpet
Woody Shaw Trumpet
Freddie Waits Drums
Ben Riley Drums
Lawrence Marshall Voice
LaReine LaMar Voice
Gail Nelson Voice
Joan Johnson Voice
Lillian Williams Voice
Benjamin Franklin Carter Voice
Hugh Harnell Voice
Milt Grayson Voice
Ron Steward Voice
Michael Cuscuna Reissue Producer
Ron McMaster Mastering
Rudy Van Gelder Engineer
Francis Wolff Producer, Tray Photo

1 Hey Hey
2 Lift Every Voice
3 Two Lullabies Love Chant
4 Love Chant
5 Ghetto Lights
6 Blue Spark
7 A Tender Tale
8 Drew's Tune
9 Mother Mercy
10 Natural Spirit
11 Such It Is

Link: Lift Every Voice


What We Do - John Scofield

What we do?
We do?
We do,

I have no idea what we do, but they've done it extremely well.


Dennis Irwin Bass
Joe Lovano Saxophone
John Scofield Guitar, Producer, Performer
Bill Stewart Drums
Susan Scofield Producer, Art Direction, Concept
Victor Deyglio Assistant Engineer
James Farber Engineer, Mixing
Bob Ludwig Mastering


1 - Little Walk
2 - Camp Out
3 - Big Sky
4 - Easy for You
5 - Call 911
6 - Imaginary Time
7 - Say the Word
8 - Why Nogales?
9 - What They Did

Link: What we do

Divine Revelation - Andrew Hill

From Andrew, more approachable then usual... could say, introductory. I'd better remind you guys that we are talking about Andrew, so it is never, NEVER, easy to listen to.
Some people come to me and show some "up-to-date crazy" jazz artists with their already much explored music, their unforgivable laziness for development, an annoying easy listening approach and a crowd of dumb deft applauding a superfluous approach to jazz; it seems that these artists either don't have a minimum sense of history and research or that they are, in fact, pretty much comfortable; I honestly don't know what is worse.
Andrew Hill had an incredible sensitivity. He was already doing music that, 40+ years after, would still remain cutting edge, pretty complex, fine, always fresh and delicious - like opening a good old vintage Sauternes.
Well, without further talking, get the album. I am not going to describe it, nor point the best parts, the album itself will do this for me.

Andrew Hill - Piano
Jimmy Vass - Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Chris White - Bass
Leroy Williams - Drums
Chuck "Fingers" Irwin - Engineer
Nils Winther - Producer

1 Snake Hip Waltz
2 Here's That Rainy Day
3 East 9th Street
4 July 10th
5 Divine Revelation
6 July 10th

Link: Divine Revelation
Please change the track #1 with this link. Thank you.



Dizzy's Party

Dizzy tocando funk em 77! Acompanhado por Ray Pizzi, flauta, sax soprano e tenor, Rodney Jones, guitarra, Benjamin Franklin Brown, baixo eletrico, Mickey Rocker, bateria, e o brasileiro Paulinho da Costa na percussão com direito a tamborim e cuica. Produzido por Norman Granz e, óbvio, lançado pela Pablo. A gravação foi feita de um LP, desculpe os possíveis ruídos.
Set List:

1.Dizzy's Party
2.Shim-Sham Shimmy on the Saint Louis Blues
3.Harlem Samba
4.Land Of Milk and Honey


Miles Davis and Gil Evans - Sketches of Spain

Dando continuidade ao Complete Columbia Studio Recordings, Miles Davis e Gil Evans trago para vós o disco 3, Sketches of Spain... Muita gente tem preconceito contra esse disco, eu acho du caralho!

Set List

1.Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio)
2.Will O' the Wisp
3.The Pan Piper
6.Song of our Country (issued take)
7.Saeta (full version of master)
8.The Pan Piper (take 1)
9.Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) (Part one, alternate take)
10.Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) (part two, alternate take)
11.Song of our Country (take14)
12.Pause Track



Old Duke

Esse disco é um absurdo. Old School + New School = Duke Ellington + Max Roach + Charlie Mingus = Money Jungle. Mais uma vez Duke mostrando que sabe dialogar e absolver outros tipos de música. Excelente álbum.

Link: http://sharebee.com/c921f74d

1 - Money Jungle
2 - Fleurettr Africaine
3 - Very Spacial
4 - Warm Valley
5 - Wig Wise
6 - Caravan
7 - Solitude
8 - Switch Blade
9 - A Little Max
10 - Ram Blues
11 - Backward Country Boy Blues
12 - Solitude(Alt.Take)
13 - Switch Blade(Alt.Take)
14 - A Little Max(Alt.Take)
15 - Ram Blues(Alt.Take)


Made in Coltrane

Not released for the first time until 1974 but now available in expanded form as a CD, this set of duets by tenor saxophonist John Coltrane and drummer Rashied Ali are full of fire, emotion and constant abstract invention. The original four pieces ("Mars," "Venus," "Jupiter" and "Saturn") are joined by "Leo" and "Jupiter Variation." Coltrane alternates quiet moments with sections of great intensity, showing off his phenominal technique and ability to improvise without the need for chordal instruments. Rousing if somewhat inaccessible music.
Scott Yanow


1 Mars 10:43
2 Venus 8:36
3 Jupiter 5:25
4 Saturn 11:43
5 Leo 10:56
6 Jupiter Variation 8:43

Interstellar Space - Part I
Interstellar Space - Part II


Quadrant Toasts - All Too Soon

Quarteto formado por Milt Jackson, vibra, Ray Brown, baixo, Mickey Roker, bateria e Joe Pass, guitarra. Disco gravado em 80 com musicas de Ellington.
Set List:
2.Sophisticated Lady
3.All Too Soon
4.I'm Beginning To See The Ligth
5.Mood Indigo
7.Take the A Train
8.Main Stem
9.In a Sentimental Mood
10.Just a Sittin' and Rockin'
11.Rocks in My Bed


Miles Davis and Gil Evans - Porgy and Bess

mais um disco de MIles com Gil Evans e sua orquestra...

Set List:

1.Buzzard Song
2.Bess, you is my woman now
4.Gone, Gone, Gone
6.Oh bess, oh where's my bess
7.Prayer (oh doctor jesus)
8.Fisherman, strawberry and devil crab
9.my man's gone
10.it ain't necessarily so
11.here come the honey man
12.I love you, porgy
13.There's a boat that's leaving soon for New York
14.Gone (take 5
15.Summertime (take 2)
16.Prayer (oh doctor jesus) (take 2)
17.I loves you porgy (take 1 second version)
18.There's a boat that's leaving soon for New York (take2)
19.Oh bess, oh were my Bess (take5)
20.Gone ( take 5)
21.Pause Track

LINK: miles_davis_-_porgy_and_bess.rar


The Pablo All-Stars

Yes, we're back! Voltando com The Pablo All-Stars Jam em Montreux 77, eles são: Oscar Petrson, piano, M. Jackson, vibra, Clark Terry, trompete e flugel, Ronnie Scott, tenor, Joe Pass, guitarra, Neils Pedersen, baixo, Bobby Durham, bateria.
1.Cote d'Azur
2.Pennies From Heaven
3.Samba de Orfeu
4.God Bless The Child
5.Sweethearts on Parade