John Abercrombie

This one is different.
Guitar, drum, bass and violin. I usually tend to dislike jazz with violin (of course there's Stephane Grappelli with Django Reinhard) flute (exception: Eric Dolphy) or other crossovers, but, this time, Mark Feldman did it extremely well.
This is an album with rare beauty, it is involving, somehow cozy (Hm... cozy?) and, well, they do go real crazy some times, watch out with the volume.
Sunny Side of the Street proudly presents - while I try to find my Max Roach album (Hold on Frank!) - Cat 'N'Mouse


John Abercrombie Guitar
Joey Baron Drums
Mark Feldman Violin
Marc Johnson Double Bass
Manfred Eicher Producer


A Nice Idea
String Thing
Third Stream Samba
On the Loose
Stop and Go
Show of Hands

Link: Cat 'N' Mouse


Nhonhão Paranah said...

Maneirinho. Legalzinho. Inho. Inho.

@ny.-. said...

maneirinho? legalzinho?
Que issinho, ta piradinho nhonhaozinho?? Ouve dinovinho!

Nhonhão Paranah said...

No vinho?

lokiman said...

Big thanks, this is great.
Link works !

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

How funny you say this. I absolutely can't stand violin or flute in jazz, but Feldman is the exception indeed.

And this quartet is so good, and so is Feldman's own quartet.