LIft every voice - Andrew Hill

Andrew + Quintet + 9 voices. Fun, isn't it? You bet.
As usual, Andrew had problem finding listeners for this disc back when it reached the streets in 1969, so it had two releases, with different musicians and approach; In this edition we find a kind of compilation of these previous releases.
In a more funky style, featuring Lee Morgan, Ron Carter, Ben Riley and Woody Shaw, this uplifting album may seem easy, but it's rather complex and substantial. The voices are pretty aggressive and unique, the Tenor Sax is surprisingly wild and, well, I always tend to get lost with adjectives... so make up your own.


Ron Carter Bass
Richard Davis Bass
Carlos Garnett Sax (Tenor)
Andrew Hill Piano
Bennie Maupin Flute, Clarinet (Bass), Sax (Tenor)
Lee Morgan Trumpet
Woody Shaw Trumpet
Freddie Waits Drums
Ben Riley Drums
Lawrence Marshall Voice
LaReine LaMar Voice
Gail Nelson Voice
Joan Johnson Voice
Lillian Williams Voice
Benjamin Franklin Carter Voice
Hugh Harnell Voice
Milt Grayson Voice
Ron Steward Voice
Michael Cuscuna Reissue Producer
Ron McMaster Mastering
Rudy Van Gelder Engineer
Francis Wolff Producer, Tray Photo

1 Hey Hey
2 Lift Every Voice
3 Two Lullabies Love Chant
4 Love Chant
5 Ghetto Lights
6 Blue Spark
7 A Tender Tale
8 Drew's Tune
9 Mother Mercy
10 Natural Spirit
11 Such It Is

Link: Lift Every Voice


Libra Nogueira said...

Vocês não vão fazer nenhuma homenagem ao gigante da bateria Max Roach, falecido na quinta-feira?

makuma said...

Libra vai aqui:


Max + Dizzie = :)

@ny.-. said...

Vamos postar um (leia varios) belo disco hoje de Roach. Aguardem

Nhonhão Paranah said...

Um belo disco hoje? Um belo disco de hoje de Roach? Um belo disco, hoje, de Roach? Um belo disco de Roach hoje?

Frank Veyne said...

Hello, @ny, where is the Max Roach that you promised?

bruis said...

Thank you from Sydney.

John Sauvage said...

Thanks you for this Upload, your blog is great :)

XOEL said...

oh thanks but the links is actually broken!! it'd great re-up
thanks in advance

biruga said...

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