This is not an usual post here at the sunny side, but Guinga is arguably one of the most prominent composers alive in Brazil. Indeed a very fine acoustic guitar player - and dentist -, but moreover, brilliant in connecting dots and putting great minds to work on his compositions; usually accompanied by lyrics from Aldir Blanc, which, aside from Chico Buarque - who is beyond any dispute, cannot be beat.

So here we have two albums, one called Cheio de Dedos (roughly translated as Full of Fingers), and the other called Suite Leopoldina (Leopoldinean Suite).

Allow me to add a very good review from all music about Suite Leopoldina:


by Alex Henderson
Comparable to New York's Penn Station or Philadelphia's 30th Street Station, Leopoldina Station is a major train station in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Just as a New Yorker would venture to Penn Station to take a train to the suburbs of Long Island or Northern New Jersey, Leopoldina Station is where a carioca would catch a train to Rio's suburbs. By calling this CD Suite Leopoldina, Brazilian guitarist Guinga is celebrating his Rio background. All of the tunes that Guinga wrote or co-wrote for this album, recorded in late 1998 and early 1999, have a strong Rio orientation. Whether he is playing samba or choro, whether he is embracing instrumental Brazilian jazz or jazz-influenced Brazilian pop, the guitarist is consistently Rio-minded on Suite Leopoldina. And it's important to emphasize the Rio connection because carioca music is distinctive; Guinga might admire the Brazilian pop and jazz sounds coming out of Salvador or São Paulo, but this ultra-melodic CD is distinctly Rio. That is true of the album's instrumentals as well as the tracks that feature vocalists, who include Alceu ValencaEd Motta, and the influential Ivan LinsGuinga's love of jazz is strong; he features harmonica player Toots Thielemans on two instrumentals ("Constance" and "Dos Anjos") and pays tribute to Charles Mingus on "Mingus Samba" (which features vocalist Lenine). Excellent from start to finish, Suite Leopoldina is enthusiastically recommended to anyone who treasures the Rio school of Brazilian jazz and pop.

Disc 1

And one, also worth reading, about Cheio de Dedos:


by Alvaro Neder
This is the third CD of Carioca dentist Guinga (Carlos Althier de Souza, 46) in his belated discography, which was awarded with three Sharp prizes. Intended to be a cultural chronicle of Rio de Janeiro, it has the genre choro as a glue for all the whole. Respecting the tradition and modernizing it at the same time, it brings a inventively crafted harmony together with angular melody lines directly descended from classical achievements of the 20th century. The sophisticated arrangements never compromise, offering a real obstacle for the average listener, harassed by easy listening these days. Paying tribute to distinguished musicians (who had always made the choro an important part of their lives),Jacob do Bandolim, Rafael Rabelo, and Villa-Lobos, from the 15 recorded tracks only two are sung: "Ária de Opereta," interpreted by funk singer Ed Motta in an expressive and heartfelt rendition, and "Impressionados," a choro that makes reference to the impressionist movement, delivered by Chico Buarque. The overall result is at the same time perfectionism and spontaneity: Guinga doesn't edit his songs after written. "Me Gusta A Lagosta" enriches the musical landscape with an Afro-Cuban rendition delivered by pianistChano Dominguez, string section Diapason, and percussionist Eladio Amat. Modern Brazilian popular music at it's best.

 Disc 2

Get'em both. You won't be sorry.



Freddie Hubbard - New Colors

Maybe this is a repost, but who cares.

Just get it.

And if you have it, play it.



Track Listing: 1) One of Another Kind- 7:58 2) Blue Spirits- 9:05 3) Blues For Miles- 6:31 4) Dizzy's Connotations- 8:42 5) True Colors- 5:05 6) Red Clay- 8:19 7) Osie Mae- 6:08 8) Inner Space- 7:45
Personnel: Freddie Hubbard- Fluegelhorn, David Weiss- Trumpet, Craig Handy- Tenor and Soprano Saxophone, Javon Jackson- Tenor (Track 4), Myron Walden- Alto Saxophone (Tracks 1,2,5,8); Ted Nash- Alto Saxophone (tracks 3,4,6,7) Kenny Garrett- Alto Saxophone (Track 3), Luis Bonilla- Trombone (tracks 1-7), Steve Davis- Trombone (track 8), Chris Karlic- Baritone Saxophone, Xavier Davis- Piano, Dwayne Burno- Bass, Joe Chambers- Drums (tracks 1, 2, 5,8) Idris Muhammad- Drums (tracks 3,4,6,7)


Special Edition with Jack DeJohnette

Jack DeJohnette drums, piano, melodica; David Murray tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Arthur Blythe alto saxophone; Peter Warren bass, cello. Recorded March 1979 at Generation Sound Studios, New York. "There could hardly be a more apt title for the inaugural effort of drummer Jack DeJohnette’s most influential project. As with his formidable Jarrett/Peacock collaborations, DeJohnette kneaded enough preservatives into this single album to keep it as fresh as it was when first baked." ECM Reviews


Andrew Hill - Grass Roots

Andrew Hill is about as deep, as complex, as high spirited as music can be.

 As life can be. 

I strongly recommend you not to miss a single album of his discography, that we shall post here in its totality throughout the next few weeks.

Just get it, bro. 
Just get it, sister.
And live a happy life afterwards.

Thank me later.



Back to business

So, it's back to business here at the sunny side of the street. It's always sunny out here, you know?

Bright as it goes... Brad Mehldau's Highway Rider.

Just get it.



Tracks: CD1: John Boy; Don't Be Sad; At the Tollbooth; Highway Rider; The Falcon Will Fly Again; Now You Must Climb Alone; Walking the Peak. CD2: We'll Cross the River Together; Capriccio; Sky Turning Grey (For Elliott Smith); Into the City; Old West; Come With Me; Always Departing; Always Returning.
Personnel: Brad Mehldau: piano (CD1#1-5, CD1#7, CD2#1-6, CD2#8), pump organ (CD1#2, CD2#3), Yamaha CS-80 (CD1#4), orchestral bells (CD1#7, CD2#1, CD2#8), handclaps (CD2#2), la la la vocals (CD1#5); Jeff Ballard: percussion (CD1#1, CD1#5, CD2#2), snare brush (CD1#2), drums (CD1#7, CD2#1, CD2#4, CD2#6, CD2#8), la la la vocals (CD1#5); handclaps (CD2#2); nJoshua Redma: soprano saxophone (CD1#1, CD1#5, CD2#2, CD2#8), tenor saxophone (CD1#2, CD1#7, CD2#1, CD2#3, CD2#5), handclaps (CD2#2), la la la vocals (CD1#5), ; Larry Grenadier: bass (CD1#2, CD1#4, CD1#7, CD2#1, CD2#3, CD2#4, CD2#6, CD2#8); handclaps (CD2#2); Matt Chamberlain: drums (CD1#2, CD1#4, CD1#5, CD1#7, CD1#8, CD2#2, CD2#3), handclaps (CD2#2), la la la vocals (CD1#5); Orchestra, Dan Coleman, conductor (CD1#1, CD1#2, CD1#6, CD1#7, CD2#1, CD2#7, CD2#8), la la la vocals (CD1#5); The Fleurettes: la la la vocals (CD1#5).

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - In San Francisco

Another great preciosity by Cannonball Adderley Quintet, the 1959 record that launched the opening track that bacame a huge hit: "This Here". With cornetist Nat Adderley, pianist Bobby Timmons, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Louis Hayes.

Set List:

1 This Here Timmons 12:29

2 Spontaneous Combustion Adderley 11:54

3 Hi-Fly Weston 11:10

4 You Got It! Adderley 5:09

5 Bohemia After Dark Pettiford 8:06

6 Straight, No Chaser Monk 11:41



Tell your friends, tell you mama and your papa. We're back!

Due to recent events involving DotCom, Megaupload and whole SOPA thing, we decided that it was time to spread the jazz again! That's why we're back with something really good for you guys, the complete pacific recordings of Gerry Mulligan Quartet with Chet Backer!

The pianoless quartet of baritonist Gerry Mulligan was: Bob Whitlock on bass, Chico Hamilton on drums and of course Chet Baker on trumpet. Although it's a pianoless quartet, Mulligan himself assumes the instrument in a couple of songs.

Set List


Name, Composer, Time

1 Get Happy Arlen, Koehler 2:30

2 'S Wonderful Gershwin, Gershwin 3:32 3

Godchild, Wallington 2:49

4 Dinah Akst, Lewis, Young 2:55

5 She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No Harbach, Kern 2:33

6 Bernie's Tune Leiber, Miller, Stoller 2:51

7 Lullaby of the Leaves Petkere, Young 3:09

8 Utter Chaos No. 1, Mulligan 0:32

9 Aren't You Glad You're You Burke, VanHeusen 3:58

10 Frenesi Dominguez, Whitcup 3:05

11 Nights at the Turntable, Mulligan 2:52

12 Freeway, Baker 2:42

13 Soft Shoe, Mulligan 2:36

14 Walking Shoes, Mulligan 3:10

15 Aren't You Glad You're You Burke, VanHeusen 3:36

16 Get Happy Arlen, Koehler 5:50

17 Poinciana Bernier, Simon 3:49

18 Godchild, Wallington 3:55

19 Makin' Whoopee Donaldson, Kahn 3:26

20 Cherry Daniels, Gillespie 2:55

21 Motel, Mulligan 2:33

22 Carson City Stage, Smith 2:30


1 My Old Flame Coslow, Johnston 3:11

2 All the Things You Are, Hammerstein, Kern 5:06

3 Love Me or Leave Me, Donaldson, Kahn 2:47

4 Love Me or Leave Me, Donaldson, Kahn 2:41

5 Swinghouse [10" LP Take], Mulligan 2:53

6 Swinghouse [12" LP Take], Mulligan 2:52

7 Jeru, Mulligan 2:30

8 Utter Chaos, No .2 Mulligan 0:30

9 Darn That Dream DeLange, VanHeusen 3:49

10 Darn That Dream DeLange, VanHeusen 3:20

11 I May Be Wrong [12" LP Take], Ruskin, Sullivan 2:37

12 I May Be Wrong [10" LP Take], Ruskin, Sullivan 2:50

13 I'm Beginning to See the Light [10" LP Take], Ellington, George, Hodges, James 3:35

14 I'm Beginning to See the Light [12" LP Take], Ellington, George, Hodges, James 3:06

15 The Nearness of You Carmichael, Washington 2:50

16 Tea for Two Caesar, Youmans 2:46

17 Five Brothers, Mulligan 2:57

18 I Can't Get Started Duke, Gershwin 4:00

19 Ide's Side, Mulligan 4:21

20 Funhouse, Mulligan 3:26

21 My Funny Valentine Hart, Rodgers 5:16


1 People Will Say We're in Love Hammerstein, Rodgers 3:40

2 Reunion, Mulligan 4:03

3 When Your Lover Has Gone Swan 5:06

4 Stardust Carmichael, Parish 4:42

5 My Heart Belongs to Daddy Porter 4:12

6 Jersey Bounde Bradshaw, Feyne, Johnson, Plater… 4:27

7 The Surrey With the Fringe on Top Hammerstein, Rodgers 4:42

8 Ornithology Harris, Parker 5:09

9 Trav'lin' Light Mercer, Mundy, Young 3:39

10 Trav'lin' Light Mercer, Mundy, Young 4:32

11 The Song Is You Hammerstein, Kern 3:21

12 Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You Razaf, Redman 3:35

13 Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You Razaf, Redman 3:31

14 I Got Rhythm Gershwin, Gershwin 5:59

15 All the Things You Are Hammerstein, Kern 6:45

16 Festive Minor, Mulligan 4:08


1 Too Marvelous for Words Mercer, Whiting 3:36

2 Lover Man Davis, Ramirez, Sherman 3:01

3 I'll Remember April DePaul, Johnston, Raye 4:11

4 These Foolish Things Link, Marvell, Strachey 3:20

5 All the Things You Are, Hammerstein, Kern 3:55

6 Bernie's Tune Leiber, Miller, Stoller 3:32

7 Almost Like Being in Love Lerner, Loewe 2:55

8 Sextet, Mulligan 2:59

9 Broadway Bird, McRae, Wood 2:53

10 I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me Gaskill, McHugh 3:06

11 Oh, Lady Be Good Gershwin, Gershwin 2:29

12 Oh, Lady Be Good Gershwin, Gershwin 1:52

13 Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea Arlen, Koehler 3:38

14 This Time the Dream's on Me Arlen, Mercer 3:22

15 Let There Be Love Grant, Rand 3:41

16 How About You? Freed, Lane 2:50

17 I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plans Dietz, Schwartz 2:23

18 This Is Always [Alternate Version] Gordon, Warren 3:58

19 My Old Flame Coslow, Johnston 3:47

20 It Don't Mean a Thing (If ItAin't Got That Swing) Ellington, Mills 2:08

21 The Lady's in Love With You Lane, Loesser 2:24

22 I've Grown Accustomed to HerFace [Alternate Version] Lerner, Loewe 3:03

23 You Turned the Tables on Me Alter, Mitchell 3:23