Boy, I sure miss this old man!


McCoy Tyner - Infinity

A really good album from McCoy Tyner featuring Michael Brecker.
For jazz lovers, this is a must have. Really fun album, very uplifting, amazingly well done.

I am feeling lazy, so here's the link to Infinity album details at allmusic.com

Link: McCoy Tyner - Infinity Part 1
Part 2

Divine Revelation

Hi there, this post is just to fix a problem on track #1 of Divine Revelation by Andrew Hill.
Here's the link for track #1
And here is the complete album. Please substitute the first track with the given link.

Thank you

Pat Metheny Trio 99/00

This album is one of my favorite. No kidding, it has accompanied me on the most significant moments in my life.
I find this description from amazon.com quite good: "Trio 99-00 is the popular guitarist-composer's most straight-ahead, no-muss, no-fuss recording yet. Recorded over two days with the remarkable team of drummer Bill Stewart and bassist Larry Grenadier, Trio 99-00 covers much compositional and stylistic ground but is essentially a hard-bop-tinged blowing session. Metheny's Sonny Rollins-ish originals include "(Go) Get It," "Soul Cowboy" (featuring amazing chordal guitar), "What Do You Want?" and a blazing trio variation on "Lone Jack," which appeared on the first Pat Metheny Group album. Unusual choices are made throughout: a sensually swinging "Giant Steps," an elegant "A Lot of Livin' to Do," and inclusion of Wayne Shorter's queasy gem, "Capricorn." And as always, Pat can't help but get sentimental on acoustic guitar, culminating in the first studio rendition of "Travels." This isn't for the faint-hearted, nor those waiting for another PMG travelogue like We Live Here or Letter from Home. This is pure jazz slam, a trio showdown with the gloves off."
This is it. Get it!

Larry Grenadier - Bass
Pat Metheny - Producer, Guitar (Baritone)
Bill Stewart - Drums


(Go) Get It - Metheny
Giant Steps - Coltrane
Just Like the Day - Metheny
Soul Cowboy - Metheny
The Sun in Montreal - Metheny
Capricorn - Shorter
We Had a Sister - Metheny
What Do You Want? - Metheny
A Lot of Livin' to Do - Adams, Strouse
Lone Jack - Mays, Metheny
Travels - Mays, Metheny

Link: Pat Metheny Trio 99/00


Pat Metheny - Rejoicing

This is album has such a mood, such a defying simplicity that it's hard to explain with words. Can you picture Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins and Pat playing together? Well, this is it.
This is not a easy album to listen to, it requires some experience because it is made from small details and nuances, plus it ranges from various styles of jazz and different ambience's; I would not be surprised if some people would not find it quite that good.
The first song, Lonely Woman is one of my all time favorite. Pay attention when Pat plays his steel guitar trough the album...
There is one song that is one of the most beautiful pieces ever produced by man, Story of a Stranger. The harmony layers created by Pat are to die for, and the song goes up , up, up, up.... well I always cry on that one.
Really, you have to have this album

Pat Metheny Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Performer
Charlie Haden Bass, Double Bass, Performer
Billy Higgins Drums, Drums (Snare), Performer
Manfred Eicher Producer
Jan Erik Kongshaug Engineer

Lonely Woman
Tears inside
Humpty Dumpty
Blues for Pat
Story of a stranger
The Calling
Waiting for an answer

Link: Pat Metheny - Rejoicing



Bill Evans and Jim Hall - How good can it be? This is one of the most elegant, warm, delicate, sexy, extraordinary piece of art ever produced by humanity. No kidding. Listen to it with sharp ears, but take a time to sit down and focus.
I am leaving for school now, when I get back I'll post the details.

Undercurrent - Bill Evans and Jim Hall
ps: I don't know why the cover has changed; it used to be in Sepia, but now it's in this shitty blue. I am going to get the original one.

Jacky Terrason

This is certainly not a major jazz album, but it's really enjoyable, certainly above most of jazz albums out there. Jacky Terrason is a very talented piano player, he really knows the instrument, and in this album plays really well known standards. His band is also good.
Hey, just get it, good to leave playing with some friends, while cooking or doing something else.

Stefano di Battista Saxophone, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Minino Gara Percussion
Minino Garay Percussion
Terreon Gully Drums
Stefon Harris Marimba, Vibraphone
Bireli Lagrene Guitar
Gregoire Maret Harmonica
Rémi Vignolo Bass
Ugonna Okegwo Bass
Leon Parker Drums
Jacky Terrasson Piano, Producer, Fender Rhodes
Philippe Gaillot Engineer
Renaud Van Welden Assistant Engineer

Plaisir d'Amour
Les Chemins de l'Amour
Jeux Interdits
A Paris
I Love Paris in the Springtime
Que Reste-T'il de Nos Amours?
Ne Me Quitte Pas
La Vie en Rose
Nantes Barbara
La Marseillaise
Rue des Lombards
L' Aigle Noir
I Love You More
Métro Terrasson

Link: Jacky Terrason - A Paris


Works For Me - John Scofield

This is a major work from John Scofield; a must have. Full of big themes, well developed arrangements, awesome interpretation and technical excellence. This album is really a modern jazz benchmark for me.
With John Scofield, guitar; Kenny Garrett, alto sax; Brad Mehldau, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Billy Higgins, drums (what a team!)
Everybody will enjoy it, I bet.

I'll Catch You
Not You Again
Big J
Loose Canon
Love You Long Time
Heel to Toe
Do I Crazy?
Mrs. Scofield�s
Six and Eight

Link: Works For Me

Quiet - John Scofield

I simply love this album from John Scofield; this is probably one of the most memorable and singular jazz albums. The arrangements are big, the sound of the bass is big, the drums are awesome, Scofield in playing a nylon string guitar and... just get it.

Link: Quiet


Morre o pianista Joe Zawinul!!

11/09/2007 - 08h47
Morreu o pianista de jazz Joe Zawinul, fundador do Weather Report


O pianista em apresentação de sua banda Zawinul Syndicate

VIENA, 11 Set 2007 (AFP) - O pianista de jazz austríaco Joe Zawinul, fundador do conjunto Weather Report nos anos 1970 e que gravou vários discos com Miles Davis nos anos 1960, faleceu nesta terça-feira, em Viena, aos 75 anos de idade, informou a família.

Joe Zawinul, que nasceu em 7 de julho de 1932, estava hospitalizado desde 5 de agosto em uma clínica de Viena. Segundo a imprensa austríaca, sofria de câncer.

Desde 2004 era proprietário de um clube de jazz em Viena e realizava freqüentes turnêds com seu novo conjunto, Zawinul Syndicate.


The complete Columbia Studio Recordings Alternate and Rehearsal Takes

Ok, esse é último disco da caixa Complete Columbia Studio Recordings, Miles Davis e Gil Evans. Não consegui achar a imagem da capa do disco... Espero que gostem.

Set List:
1.Studio Discussion
2.Sprigsville [take 8 without overdubs]
3.Studio Discussion
4.Miles Ahead [Take 1 without overdubs]
5.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [take 3 without overdubs]
6.Sprigsville [overdub take1]
7.Sprigsville [overdubed Solos 4-5]
8.Sprigsville [overdubed solos 6-9]
9.Sprigsville [issued overdubed solo]
10.Miles Ahead [issued overdubed solo]
11.Miles Ahead [overdubed solo]
12.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [overdubes solo 1]
13.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [overdubes solo 2]
14.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [overdubes solo 4]
15.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [overdubes solo 8]
16.Idon't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) [overdubes solo 19&19c]
17.Miles Ahead [Mond Master]
18.Gone [Rehearsal Sequence]
19.Gone, Gone, Gone [Rehearsal Sequence]
20.Studio Discussio
21.Bess, you is my woman now [rehearsal take]
22.It ann't necessarily so [take1]
23.Oh bess, oh where my bess [take 3]
24.I loves you Porgy [Rehearsal Sequence]
25.There's a Boat thats leaving soon for new york [remake]
26.My man's gone now [remake take]
27.Songs of our country [take 9]
28.Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) [rehearsal]
29.Concierto de Aranjuez (adagio) [alternate ending]
30.Pause track



Dando continuidade ao Complete Columbia Studio Recording Miles Davis e Gil Evans, Vem o quinto disco, nele temos os ensaios, alguns takes alternativos e diferentes versões de músicas do Miles Ahead Miles Davis +19, que está postado no dia 31/07 .

Set List:
1.Springsville (Rehearsal sequence)
2.Springsville (rehearsal with piano)
3.The Maids of cadiz (take 9)
4.The Maids of cadiz (take 10)
5.The Maids of cadiz (rehearsal sequence)
6.Count off for Duke (take3)
7.The Duke (take 8)
8.The Duke (Piano Take 3 )
9.My Ship (take 6)
10.Miles Ahead (rehearsalsequence)
11. Miles Ahead (take12)
12.Miles Ahead (take 15)
13.Studio Discussion
14.My ship
15.MIles Ahead (piano insert-mono)
16.Blues for Pablo
17.New Rhumba
18.Lament (take 1)
19.I Don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you( (rehearsa)
20.I Don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you( (take 5)
21.Studio Discussion
22.I Don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you) (piano take 5)
23.Pause track

LINK: Miles_Davis___Gil_Evans-_The_Complete_Columbia_Studio_Recordings_Disc_5.rar