Pat Metheny Trio 99/00

This album is one of my favorite. No kidding, it has accompanied me on the most significant moments in my life.
I find this description from amazon.com quite good: "Trio 99-00 is the popular guitarist-composer's most straight-ahead, no-muss, no-fuss recording yet. Recorded over two days with the remarkable team of drummer Bill Stewart and bassist Larry Grenadier, Trio 99-00 covers much compositional and stylistic ground but is essentially a hard-bop-tinged blowing session. Metheny's Sonny Rollins-ish originals include "(Go) Get It," "Soul Cowboy" (featuring amazing chordal guitar), "What Do You Want?" and a blazing trio variation on "Lone Jack," which appeared on the first Pat Metheny Group album. Unusual choices are made throughout: a sensually swinging "Giant Steps," an elegant "A Lot of Livin' to Do," and inclusion of Wayne Shorter's queasy gem, "Capricorn." And as always, Pat can't help but get sentimental on acoustic guitar, culminating in the first studio rendition of "Travels." This isn't for the faint-hearted, nor those waiting for another PMG travelogue like We Live Here or Letter from Home. This is pure jazz slam, a trio showdown with the gloves off."
This is it. Get it!

Larry Grenadier - Bass
Pat Metheny - Producer, Guitar (Baritone)
Bill Stewart - Drums


(Go) Get It - Metheny
Giant Steps - Coltrane
Just Like the Day - Metheny
Soul Cowboy - Metheny
The Sun in Montreal - Metheny
Capricorn - Shorter
We Had a Sister - Metheny
What Do You Want? - Metheny
A Lot of Livin' to Do - Adams, Strouse
Lone Jack - Mays, Metheny
Travels - Mays, Metheny

Link: Pat Metheny Trio 99/00


yanni said...

fanntastic album, I had lost it 4 the last 5 years from my vinyl library and it's a great joy to see it again!
and a request: been desperately looking for the album from Lloyd Miller entitled 'Oriental Jazz', do you know if and where I could find it?


Yannis, Greece

@ny.-. said...

I will search that for you, thanks for stopping by at sunny side!

@ny.-. said...

Yannis, doing a quick survey on google I found this: http://www.jazzscope.com/catalog.html
Probably with a more elaborated search you can find more things.

@ny.-. said...

By they way, you had Pat Metheny 99/00 trio on Vinyl? Why Vinyl? This is a really recent album... Well, what's up with that Vinyl thing in the middle of DVD, SACD, DSD era? I really hate low resolution, and I honestly thing that 192kbs MP3 is not enough but.. Vinyl? Interesting...

yanni said...

thanx @ny.
keep up the nice job!

yanni said...

uh...about vinyl
with a good sound system and a 180 grams vinyl
you feel like being in the studio during the recording of the album or in a concert chamber.
I agree about the resolution -I adore hi-res as well- the vinyl is another story though, a kind of fetishism not a search for the technically perfect sound.

@ny.-. said...

Yes, I liked what you said: fetishism.
Indeed I have seen DJ's using vinyl at clubs, and it makes a difference. I wouldn't say better or worse, but it sounds different.
Well, hope to see you around Yanni!

Anonymous said...

Yanni said,
where is a copy of the Lloyd Miller 1960s Oriental Jazz LP. I am Lloyd Miler and I have a couple left and might part with one. I would include a DVD of the original 1960s TV show from which much of the LP was taken as well as an Oriental Jazz CD with much more than the original album mostly from the 60s and 70s.
Dr. Lloyd Miller kstjohn@burgoyne.com

Anonymous said...

Do you(anyone) have the tablature for this album?

Please email me...


note : sory for my english