Works For Me - John Scofield

This is a major work from John Scofield; a must have. Full of big themes, well developed arrangements, awesome interpretation and technical excellence. This album is really a modern jazz benchmark for me.
With John Scofield, guitar; Kenny Garrett, alto sax; Brad Mehldau, piano; Christian McBride, bass; Billy Higgins, drums (what a team!)
Everybody will enjoy it, I bet.

I'll Catch You
Not You Again
Big J
Loose Canon
Love You Long Time
Heel to Toe
Do I Crazy?
Mrs. Scofield�s
Six and Eight

Link: Works For Me


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hmmmmm no comments? I guess nobody has paid attention to this album! Do your homework visitors!

Vanessa said...

Good words.

Anonymous said...

this links don't work for me .

Alarc√£o said...

I love Scofield's music. Unfortunately the link isn't working.

Anonymous said...

Can I do my homework after the link is fixed? ;-)