Pat Metheny - Rejoicing

This is album has such a mood, such a defying simplicity that it's hard to explain with words. Can you picture Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins and Pat playing together? Well, this is it.
This is not a easy album to listen to, it requires some experience because it is made from small details and nuances, plus it ranges from various styles of jazz and different ambience's; I would not be surprised if some people would not find it quite that good.
The first song, Lonely Woman is one of my all time favorite. Pay attention when Pat plays his steel guitar trough the album...
There is one song that is one of the most beautiful pieces ever produced by man, Story of a Stranger. The harmony layers created by Pat are to die for, and the song goes up , up, up, up.... well I always cry on that one.
Really, you have to have this album

Pat Metheny Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Performer
Charlie Haden Bass, Double Bass, Performer
Billy Higgins Drums, Drums (Snare), Performer
Manfred Eicher Producer
Jan Erik Kongshaug Engineer

Lonely Woman
Tears inside
Humpty Dumpty
Blues for Pat
Story of a stranger
The Calling
Waiting for an answer

Link: Pat Metheny - Rejoicing


Nhonhão Paranah said...

Well, “Lonely woman” is a composition of Ornette Coleman - and who was in the first record, 1959? Ornette Coleman, alto sax; Don Cherry, cornet; Billy Higgins, drums, and Charlie Haden, bass...

Joe Carter said...

OK, you talked me into it. I'm going to give it a listen. But I warn you, I'm not a Pat Metheny fan...

@ny.-. said...

Don't be scared by his synth guitar in one of the tracks. If you are not a fan of Pat Metheny, and neither do I in some of his works, the next post will be dedicated to you.

Anonymous said...

'lonely woman' is not the ornette tune - it's horace silver. a great album, thanks!

@ny.-. said...

No, it is from Coleman. Perhaps there is another one from Horace Silver, but this is from Coleman.
I'm glad you enjoyed the album!
See you soon and hopefully not anonymously

Nhonhão Paranah said...

Excuse me, @ny & joe carter & anonymous, but this “Lonely woman” in this Pat Metheny’s album is a composition of Horace Silver. There is one from Ornette Coleman, of course. Suggestion: post one and another. Oh, “Rejoicing” is a Ornette Coleman’s tune.

Todd said...

I'm looking for a lead sheet to Ornette's "Lonely Woman" - is the one on Rejoicing by Ornette or by Silver? I can't quite tell from the back and forth comments.

Does any one here have a source for Ornette's "Lonely Woman" if Rejoincing's is indeed by Silver?

Daniel said...

Charlie Haden and Billy Higgens famously played with Ornette Coleman.
The tunes Tears Inside, Humpty Dumpty, and ( title cut ) Rejoicing were all written by Ornette.
This is almost an Ornette tribute album. which leads one to believe that "Lonely Woman" is probably his beautiful and accesible composition

But it is not. This is Lonely Woman composed by Horace Silver and if you listen to silvers and Methany's version together it is unmistakable.

It must be intentional. I think Ornette probably appreciates the head fuck.

LIke many of you had said I am not a Methany fan but this album is great. A real revelation.

Thanks for having this discussion- One Love

Fernando said...

.... amazing ... I've enjoyed this trio since I first listened to it. Yes, I liked it better than the following w/ Holland & Haynes.

Now, I was told of a release which has a 'Bonus Track' - that is, it has 9 songs instead of the usual 8.

#9 is simply referred to as 'Bonus Track', and is 06:46

Any ideas ?
Have searched the usual internet sites, but no 9-song-Rejoicing was found.



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