Charlie Haden and Christian Escoudé - Gitane

Charlie Haden and Escoudé plays Django Reinhardt. Curious is that they are not gypsy, but ratter cool and smooth. A beautifully conceived and unforgettable album.
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Django - Lewis
Bolero - Reinhardt
Manoir de Mes Reves - Reinhardt
Gitane - Haden
Nuages - Reinhardt
Dinette - Reinhardt
Improvisation - Reinhardt

Christian Escoude - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Performer
Charlie Haden - Bass, Bass (Acoustic)
Alain Boucanus - Producer
Jean-Pierre Pelissier - Engineer

Link: Gitane


aranha said...

“Django” is a (beautiful) composition by John Lewis, the (great) pianist of the Modern Jazz Quartet!

Spinning said...

A lot of the pieces on the album were written by gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt... and Escoudé is a bop guitarist, not a manouche-style player. He recorded a lot for Emarcy (France) back in the early 1990s.

יאיר שפיגל said...

I love everything Haden does, and this one is no excetion. A great album.
Thanks for putting it here