Tell your friends, We're back on Track! - Keith Jarrett Tokyo '96

To re-inaugurate this blog I present to you one of my favorites albuns. Recorded in 1996 in Tokyo, Keith Jarret (piano), Gary Peacock (bass) and Jack DeJohnette (drums) really demonstrate a unusuall and singular way of playing in trio. No more words, enjoy.


1. It could happen to you
2. Never let me go
3. Billie's bounce
4. Summer Night
5. I'll remember April
6. Mona Lisa
7. Autumm Leaves
8. Last Nght When We were young/Caribbean Sky
9. John's Abbey
10. My funny valentine/Song


Musaklee said...

Hey hey hey!! - Who are you? Who's speaking ? Who's posting now?

What a marvellous reversal of decision. Thank you... all! But, what happened? Is blogging so addictive as they say it is? Being away from it was difficult for the brain...?

Thanks for this one...

P.K. said...

I just thought it was unfair with the jazz lovers to be without our great Sunny Side...
thank you

@ny.-. said...

Oh, yes, that is PK, the guy that hasn't post here for months! It seems that he decided to go back without telling me about it.
I tell you something, if he's really back, I'm back.

Anonymous said...

A hearty "Welcome back!"


P.K. said...

we are all back!!

jeff said...

it's great to see life return to the excellent blog. I love this disc. it took me some time to really get into it - I bought it many years ago and seemed to usually pull At the Blue Note or Inside Out or one of Keith's more firey discs, but over time this album really stands out as a great night. welcome back.

westwardwall said...

Thanks and welcome back!

Tombom said...

The SUN is shining again!
Thanks for your return!

(but... as "@ny.-." said... if you're really back, I'm back)

Sao Paulo/SP, Brasil

Peter said...

Very nice! Good to have you back - take it easy!

yy said...

Good to have you back !
This one is one of my favorite Jarretts.

Soniclee said...

Yeaaaa! You're bac....wait. Where are you?

Anonymous said...

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