Avishai Cohen - Continuo

Ok, I liked very much this album. Avishai Cohen is a hell of a musician and got a pretty damn technique on the bass. I went to a concert of him, I think last year, with him playing this album and was very impressed by it. But I think is one of those things that when live much more meaningful.

Track listing: Nu Nu; Elli; One For Mark; Ani Maamin; Samuel; Emotional Storm; Calm; Arava; Smash; Continuo.

Personnel: Avishai Cohen: acoustic and electric bass; Sam Barsh: piano (1-9), electric keyboard (#9); Mark Guiliana: drums, percussion; Amos Hoffman: oud (1,3,6,9-10).

LINK: Continuo.zip


Leonardo said...

Really nice! Tanks Man!!

P.K. said...

Thank you for stopping by!

EtN said...

Thank you for your choices ! Avishai is one of the best today !!! I'm mad about "Gently Disturbed"... "Eleven Wives" is just perfect.

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Rafael Soares said...

is a great sound, for musicians is very "recomendado"

Anonymous said...

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