TRIBUTE TO PAUL MOTIAN (1931 - 2011) 6

This is the sixty album of a 15 series, giving a beautiful view of the career of one of the greatest drummers in jazz

1982 Paul Motian - Psalm 

Psalm is the fifth album by Paul Motian to be released on the ECM label. It was released in 1982 and features the first recordings by Motian with Bill Frisell and Joe Lovano, along with Ed Schuller and Billy Drewes.
The Allmusic review by Scott Yanow awarded the album 4½ stars stating "The eight compositions by drummer Paul Motian on this ECM release (which is available on CD) are rather dry and none caught on as future standards. But the playing by Motian's sidemen (tenors Joe Lovano and Billy Drewes, bassist Ed Schuller and especially the remarkable guitarist Bill Frisell) uplifted the music and gave this group a strong personality of its own. Although the results are not all that memorable, the music should please adventurous listeners. "

Paul Motian – drums; Bill Frisell – guitar; Joe Lovano – tenor saxophone; Billy Drewes – tenor and alto saxophones; Ed Schuller – bass

1."Psalm" - 6:57
2."White Magic" - 3:00
3."Boomerang" - 5:43
4."Fantasm" - 6:07
5."Mandeville" - 5:03
6."Second Hand" - 9:16
7."Etude" - 4:16
8."Yahllah" - 7:39
All compositions by Paul Motian



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