TRIBUTE TO PAUL MOTIAN (1931 - 2011) 2

This is the second album of a 15 series, giving a beautiful view of the career of one of the greatest drummers in jazz

1967 Keith Jarrett - Life between the exit signs (with Paul Motian & Charlie Haden)

"Life Between the Exit Signs is a jazz album by pianist Keith Jarrett. It was recorded on May 4, 1967 at Atlantic Recording Studios, in New York City. It was released April 1, 1968, under the record label Vortex, a subsidiary label of Atlantic Records. It is a collaboration of esteemed pianist Keith Jarrett, bassist Charlie Haden and established drummer Paul Motian.
"Although this was his debut leading album, Keith Jarrett's playing had a profound effect upon the world of jazz. His unique playing style, first truly exhibited here, was to make him one of the most famous jazz pianists of all time, influencing much of the experimental jazz of the 80s and 90s. It was also the beginning of a long lasting relationship with Paul Motian.
"The tracks on the album are heavily influenced by Ornette Coleman and Bill Evans, Jarrett having long been an admirer of both, Haden having played with Coleman and Motian having played with Evans." Wikipedia

All songs written by Keith Jarrett, unless otherwise noted:
"Lisbon Stomp" - 6:06
"Love No. 1" - 6:17
"Love No. 2" - 4:32
"Everything I Love" (Cole Porter) - 4:33
"Margot" - 3:45
"Long Time Gone (But Not Withdrawn)" - 4:55
"Life Between the Exit Signs" - 6:53
"Church Dreams" - 6:17