Paul Bley, "Introducing Paul Bley with Charles Mingus and Art Blakey"

Paul Bley was 21 years old when he recorded his first album in 1953. With Art Blakey on drums and Charles Mingus on bass (it was originally released on his Debut Records label), this finds Bley still working within the framework of bebop. This CD reissue adds four extra tracks and the alternate take it includes of Bley's own "Opus 1" is fascinating for what it reveals. In his soloing -- different on each of the two takes -- he can be heard using forceful but brief melodic fragments with little harmonic embellishment. He's continued to explore those possibilities on through the decades. However, it is remarkable to notice here, at the beginning of the young pianist's career, to hear Bley stepping out of the confines of the genre and to witness the development of his distinctive individual voice. ~ Release

Paul Bley (piano); Charles Mingus (bass); Art Blakey (drums)

Track listing
1. OPUS 1 (Paul Bley)
2. OPUS 1 (alternate taeke)
3. (Teapot) Walkin' (Richard Carpenter)
4. Like Someone in Love (Burke - Van Heusen)
5. Spontaneous Combustion (Paul Bley)
6. Split Kick (Horace Silver)
7. I Can't Get Started (Duke Gershwin)
8. Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Gillespie - Coots)
9. The Theme (writer unknown)
10. This Time the Dream's on Me (Arlen - Mercer)
11. Zootcase (Jack Sims)


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