Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um

Disco de 59. Muito sopro, muitos músicos: Jimmy Knepper (trombone), Willie Dennis (trombone), John Handy (sax alto e clarinete), Booker Ervin (sax tenor), Curtis Porter (sax alto e tenor), Horace Parlan (piano), Charles Mingus (baixo), Dannie Richmond (bateria), onde nem todos tocam em todas músicas. As três últimas não estão no disco original, foram adicionadas na versão remasterizada. Esse disco é altamente recomendado a todos!
Set List:
1.Better Get It In Your Soul
2.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat
3.Boogie Stop Shuffle
4.Self Portraite in Three Colors
5.Open Letter to Duke
6.Bird Calls
7.Fables of Faubus
8.Pussy Cat Blues
9.Jelly Roll
10.Pedal Point Blues
11.GG Train
12.Girl Of My Dreams


e as linhas said...

era isso o que eu esperava!!

Anonymous said...

You should not offer music which is currently available - especially music this popular. You will cause problems for the responsible bloggers who are offering out of print music - and often getting their links detsroyed for no good reason. Please don't continue to do this, it does maore harm than good and deproves musicians & their families of hard-earned and often much-needed income. This is immoral.


Anonymous said...


I suggest you get off your moral high-horse and look at reality once in a while. The majority of wankers who listen to music wouldn't even have heard of Charles Mingus, let alone Jazz itself, so the "popular" tag is either facetious, or a lame attempt at wit. I think Mingus would be happy that people are actually listening to his music, not how much money he was making. If he was worried about the latter, then I am sure the man would have picked a more commercially viable genre.


P.S As a parting shot, I seriously hope English isn't your first language.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I like your style Adam.
Mingus would probably light up another cigar and blow more holes in his ceiling with his shotgun if he heard his music being called "popular".

When you're in my position and can't always get near a music store to buy or hunt for an album, then DLing is a grat way to flesh out your jazz collection.

Many thanks to the uploader for posting this (and more) great albums. Please keep it up :o)

- Iain

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P.K. said...

Thank you all!