Thelonious Monk - Misterioso

Gravado em 58 lançado pela Riverside Records. T Monk, piano, Johnny Griffin, sax tenor, Ahmed Abdul Malik, baixo, Roy Haynes, bateria.


Set List:


2.Blues Five Spot

3.Let's Cool One

4.In Walked Bud

5.Just A Gigolo


7.'Round Midnight

8. Evidence



Danny said...

I was in a bar the other night, enjoying a drink with a friend. Jazz was on the stereo and in between our conversation and the noise of the bar I'd hear a bit of MJQ or Duke Ellington. Then In Walked Bud from this album started playing, and I started to drift away from the conversation, the bar, and everything around me into the world of Monk and band. As the sax moved from chorus to chorus somtimes hollow and breathy other times fast fluid and agile, I was transfixed. My friend looked at me awkwardly, my eyes staring into space, my hand raised to stop the conversation. Monk started to play, not falling back on his usual runs and gimmicks, though they are there at times, he turns out a solo full dramatic suspense. Thinking, Feeling, and fun. Thanks!

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