Freddie Hubbard - New Colors

One rapid link before I go to sleep.
"Freddie Hubbard is heard exclusively on flügelhorn on this impressive release, accompanied by the New Jazz Composers Octet; although none of the octet members contributed any compositions to the session, trumpeter David Weiss did most of the arrangements, sometimes collaborating with Hubbard. Gone are the lip problems that plagued Hubbard somewhat during the 1990s, as he launches into his richly textured post-bop "One of Another Kind," which also has strong solos by tenor saxophonist Craig Handy and alto saxophonist Myron Walden. The leader's funky "Blues for Miles" is reminiscent of a street parade, while the Latin flavor of "Dizzy's Connotations" obviously salutes Dizzy Gillespie, and Hubbard also revisits his classic "Red Clay." The only song not from Hubbard's pen is Chick Corea's "Inner Space," a fine arrangement by Weiss that oddly features no trumpet or flügelhorn solos. The supporting cast on this topnotch CD also includes Kenny Garrett, Xavier Davis, Javon Jackson, and Dwayne Burno."From allmusic.com

Link: Freddie Hubbard - New Colors


Liam said...

what year this is from?

@ny.-. said...


Liam said...

ait good looks

Sergio Pinheiro Lopes said...

Caro P.K.

Que belíssimo blog. Fantástico!
Tanto que já o coloquei nos meus links.
às vezes o acaso nos dá presentes, como foi o caso do nosso encontro propiciado pelo Chet Baker.


@ny.-. said...

O P.K não anda dando muito as caras por aqui não, mas, enfim, Muito Obrigado pelos comentarios!! Estamos sempre postando coisas novas.

Anonymous said...

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ricardo said...

gracias por tanta linda musica !

Anonymous said...

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