Scolohofo - Oh!

Ok. This is a really, really good album from Scofield and his troupe, and what a troupe! Al Foster on drums, Joe Lovano on sax and Dave Holland on bass. The compositions are superb, it really sets new standards for modern jazz; this is a good description, modern standards.
I hate to say this again, but... You have to get this album!

Greg Calbi Mastering
James Farber Engineer
Steve Mazur Assistant
Gordon Jee Creative Director
Eli Wolf Producer, Art Direction
Al Foster Drums, Producer
Dave Holland Bass, Producer
Joe Lovano Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor), Producer, Sax (Curved Soprano)
John Scofield Guitar, Producer

Oh! Lovano
Right About Now Scofield
The Winding Way Holland
Bittersweet Foster
Shorter Form Scofield
New Amsterdam Lovano
In Your Arms Holland
The Dawn of Time Lovano
Brandyn Foster
Faces Holland
Oh I See Scofield

Links: Part1


@ny.-. said...

Oh! And take a look at the engineering team! James Farber and Greg Calbi! At Avatar Studios! Ow yeah! Oh!!

Anonymous said...

I love this album...I will do as you advise and order it from Amazon. Check out my blog for some pretty decent live shows you might like

all the best and many thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is it possible to use megaupload or maybe zshare for this file? The page ops with no text or graphics, and I love Sco and Holland.
Let me know at paul@paulvienneau.com if you can do this. Thanks, and great blog!

Anonymous said...

The link is not working.
Weird but part 2 is working fine.

Anonymous said...

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