McCoy Tyner - Land Of Giants

Land of Giants is a perfect name for this album. It is a giant album in all senses. McCoy Tyner on piano, Bobby Hutcherson on vibes, Charnett Moffett on bass, Eric Harland on drums. Pure mastery. Recorded in DSD, a new technology for recording, this album is sounding amazing.
No need to say more...
Just get it!

1. Serra Do Marr
2. December
3. Steppin'
4. If I Were A Bell
5. Manalyuca
6. Back Bay Blues
7. For All We Know
8. The Search
9. Contemplation
10. In a Mellow Tone

McCoy Tyner Piano
Bobby Hutcherson Vibes
Charnett Moffett Bass
Eric Harland Drums

link: Land of giants
Wait for the file info to load, then click download. Thank you


Yonga said...

I saw the band live and was overwhelmed. Man, these guys can PLAY! So I bought the CD and I like it, but I must say that I find the sound quality to be thin and uninteresting. I don't listen to the CD very much only because the sound really doesn't give me a kick.
But since you are really positive about it I suppose it's a matter of taste.
Cheers from Holland,
Yonga Sun

Nhonhão Paranah said...

And this record is a proof that McCoy Tynner is really a great composer. For example, the homage to Brazil in “Serra do Mar”.

Anonymous said...

WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing!
Cheers from Mexico


Anonymous said...

Wonderful, he sounds still as fresh as he sounded more than thirty years ago. Thanks for this upload!

jeff said...

I just came across your sight. I've been hunting for this album for a while - can't wait to hear it. Eric Harland is simply one of my favorite drummers. everything he is on is worth owning. thank you

Daniel said...

big men for sure! Blessings and Love for making me aware of all the great jazz out there!

lokiman said...

Thanks, @ny. Like it a lot.
Link is still good 3'08.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

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