Sound of Surprise

Lee konitz on sax alto, John Abercrombie on drums, Ted Brown on sax tenor, Marc Johnson on Bass recorded by David Baker at Avatar... really need to say more? Really need to say that this is a must have? Need to say that Sunny Side is the best?
I didn't think so..

ps: I'll post the details later. Thank you. All compositions by Konitz.

Link: Sound of surprise


Peter said...

More familiar ground, but another great album. Thanks again! :)

jake said...

John Abercrombie on Drums?????

Anonymous said...

And Amazon reviewer says John Scofield on guitar! Something occult about this recording that solicits misattribution and inversion.

Lee Konitz - alto sax
Ted Brown - tenor sax
John Abercrombie - guitar
Marc Johnson - bass
Joey Baron - drums

Thanks for sharing great music!

Anonymous said...

Any chance link could be restored?
Thanks in advance